Production Technology

Technology Research & Development
Product Design

At the beginning of the design of heat treatment fixture, we used CAD/CAE system to provide various design schemes to customers. The scheme combines the working conditions of the customer to fully consider the atmosphere circulation, the workpiece shape variable, the loading capacity and the working efficiency of the loading and unloading materials, and carry out the comprehensive simulation analysis of the workpiece furnace attitude. After the customer is satisfied with the solution, then we use the thermal stress analysis technology and strength calculation to identify the stress concentration location of the casting and estimate the development status of the fracture, deformation, and warping so as to finally design a product with a more reasonable structure.

Materials Research and Development

We have a in-depth study of the heat-resistant steel material composition and metal structure, and through the exquisite smelting process, to recommend the most suitable nickel-chromium alloy materials (anti-carburizing resistance, high temperature, etc.) to customers. In addition, through close cooperation with higher education and professional institutions, we have developed new alloy materials, which have been promoted to the domestic and overseas market as the unique heat-resistant steel grade of our factory.

Production Technique

We use the advanced casting simulation analysis software to simulate and analyze the filling process and solidification process of the molten steel, and then a reasonable casting process was developed. Through the excellent gate runner design, the strict control of the molten steel temperature and shell temperature ,the density of the metal structure of the casting is guaranteed , and the internal defects of the casting are greatly reduced. In addition, we also use Calorizing technology to fully extend the service life of our products without improving materials.

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