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Company Infortmation

  Address   33 Yingxu Road, Yingchengzi Industrial Park, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Provice, China
  Establishment date   In 1994
  Type   Sino-Japanese  joint venture.
  History   In 1994, Nan Guan Ling foundry was established and began to produce precision castings;
  In 1998, Dalian Bay Sheet Metal Factory was established;
  In 2002, Nan Guan Ling foundry moved to Yingchengzi Industrial Park.Jinzhou Branch was established;
  In 2003, Acquired ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification;
  In 2007, Participated in the AMS International Exhibition held in Detroit, USA in September;
  In 2011, Dalian Bay Sheet Metal Factory was merged into General Plant to set up sheet metal workshop;
  In 2012, We renovated the factory layout and expanded the production scale;
  In 2013, Pulan branch was established, and the special production line of small castings was put into use;
  In 2016, We will increase investment in environmental protection equipment and environmental protection technology;
  In 2018, Automation of equipment, new roasting kiln and wax processing equipment put into use.
  Factory area   About 7000 square meters
  Capital   $1.18 million (USD)
  Number of employees   80 (separate) and 130 (all)
  Main business  
  Design, production, sales for heat treatment fixture
  Design, production and sales for internal furnace components
  Affiliated business  
  Production and sales of tungsten wire for vacuum coating
  Production and sale of Die casting machine spoon ladle and punch plungers
  Production and sales of castings, sheet metal parts and machined parts
  Production capacity   60 tons/month (alone), 90 tons/month (all)
  Client distribution   China 30%、Japan&Korea 50%、 ASEAN 15%、Europe and US 5%

Business Policy

Company Philosophy

We must always stand on the perspective of the consumers to think about problems and do things, and through providing "first-rate products" and "high-quality service", we have become a trustworthy long-term partner for our customers, and we are willing to make a contribution to the development of society and the region.

Operating Strategy

Improve productivity with added value

Set up a higher quality assurance system.

Set up industry No. 1 status

Action Plan

3 Must-do things

(Personally to the site, personally to check the material, and personally to know the reality)

Always keep "innovation" and "improvement" in mind.

Always Move forward and quick action.

Do the simple things well.