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About Us

  NITTO KOHEI KOHGYO(DALIAN) CO., LTD. is a precision casting enterprise which adopts the medium temperature wax-silica sol lost wax process. It is located in the beautiful industrial park of Yingchengzi, Dalian. Its main business is the production and sale of heat treatment fixtures and industrial furnace interior parts, and provides related technical advice and after-sales service, as well as goods and technology import and export business. The enterprise strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system and JIS industry standard of Japan, and adopts advanced casting technology to ensure excellent product design, quality control and production process. Using ANSYS, PROCAST, ERP and other systems to carry out effective management of product design, production planning, quality control, etc. In recent years, through the deepening of the three major technology platforms: casting, heat treatment and the understanding of heat resistant steel materials, with the continued accumulation of knowledge and experience have applied to help customers improve profitability and business development.

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